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Gua Sha, Reflexology, Cupping Facial

Gua Sha Facial

Gua Sha tools

Gua Sha is a massage technique designed to relieve tension in the muscles of the face, boost blood circulation, and encourage lymphatic drainage to banish bloat. It helps break up fascia, the connective tissue that hugs muscles but can sometimes interfere with optimal circulation.

45 minute – £35

Facial Reflexology

Facial chart

Facial reflexology aims to relax and help remove stress by assisting the body to heal and rebalance itself. During facial reflexology gentle pressure is applied to the different reflex zones and reflexology points on the face. These points are believed to directly relate to the areas in the body.

45 minute – £35

Facial Cupping

Facial cupping

Cupping is an alternative therapy that uses suction cups to stimulate your skin and muscles. It can be done on your face or body; for facial cupping its the same principle but uses smaller and softer cups to stimulate your skin and muscles. The suction promotes increased blood circulation, which may help relieve muscle tension, promote cell repair, and aid in other regeneration.

45 minute – £35

Facial lymphatic drainage massage & Hopi ear Candling

Facial tools & Hopi Ear Candles

A lymphatic drainage massage serves to drain buildup of lymphatic fluid within the face. The techniques used in this facial are used in the direction of the lymphatic flow and use circular movements to gently stimulate the lymph vessels below your skin. This helps to reduce build up and inflammation within the sinuses.

An ear candling set. Also known as “ear coning,” this technique involves placing a hollow candle soaked in beeswax or paraffin inside the ear. The far end of the candle is lit and the heat allegedly produces suction that is supposed to draw out the ear wax, debris and bacteria from inside the ear canal.

up to 45 minute – £35

Facial reflexology & Cupping Combination

Facial reflexology aims to help remove stress by assisting the body heal and rebalance itself. In this treatment we will use the silicone facial cups to work the reflex zones and reflexology points on the face.

55 minutes – £40