About us

As a therapist I was never truly happy working for places, due to places not meeting my ethics or needs in what I wanted to achieve. I had a dream of setting up a wellbeing clinic, which is a safe space for everyone, a social hub.

It was a massive dream, and everyone kept telling me it wouldn’t happen. So after months of planning I took the plunge, but on a smaller version. I found a really nice room in a great little hairdressers.

When I walked in the building I instantly knew it was the place I wanted to start my business, the atmosphere was really chilled and the staff where so friendly. I put my deposit down and started to plan how I wanted it to look. Its really important for me to have the right colours for healing and relaxation and the right atmosphere for my clients.

As the room was fresh and calm I decided to open till I knew what felt right. After two months I knew that I wanted it to be a calm lavender with a quote along the wall, along with my electric candles and hypnotherapy light.

I truly take pride in all my treatments, and its second nature to me. However its come to my attention its not the norm in the industry. The way I carry my treatments out is:

You are warmly welcomed in the salon, which has fresh incense burning, offered a drink while you fill in your medical questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is filled in I will take you through to my room where we have private conversation about the treatment. You are then left to get ready on the bed and fully relax into the room.

All my treatments are tailored to your individual needs, I hand blend aromatherapy oils to help the body and any ailments. All the oils are heated to help the body relax completely into the bed. I start any treatment just warming up and assessing the muscles to see where needs work. When the massage is complete I use hot mitts to wipe any excess oils off the body, before providing you with a glass of water, providing you with aftercare advice and leaving you to get yourself ready in your own time.

When you come out of the room, I make sure you are feeling alright and offer a new glass of water. I provide you with an aftercare leaflet and see if you want rebooking.